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Rebekah's Dance School Timetable 2024


Venue:  Martin's Heron Community Centre

Heron Hall

4.00-4.30pm Pre-school Ballet

4.30-5.30pm Inter Acro

5.30-6.15pm Grade 5 modern

6.15-7.00pm Grade 4 Modern

Dorothy Hayes Hall

4.15-4.45pm Grade 1 Modern

4.45-5.30pm Junior Acro

5.30-6.00pm Grade 2 Modern

6.00-6.30pm Grade 3 Modern

6.30-7.00pm Private lesson

7.00-7.30pm Private lesson

7.30-8.30pm Adult Ballet


Venue:  Martin's Heron Community Centre

Heron Hall

4.00-4.45pm Musical Theatre

4.45-5.30pm Inter Jazz

5.30-6.15pm Inter Contemporary/Lyrical

6.15-7.15pm Competition Team

Dorothy Hayes Hall

4.00-4.45pm Private lesson

4.45-5.30pm Junior Jazz

5.30-6.15pm private lesson

6.15-7.15pm Private lesson

7.15-8.00pm Private lesson


Venue:  Martin's Heron Community Centre

Heron Hall

4.00-4.30pm Pre-Primary Ballet

4.30-5.15pm Grade 3 Ballet

5.15-5.45pm Primary Ballet

5.45-6.15pm Ballet Free work Primary - Grade 3

6.15-6.45pm Grade 1 Ballet

6.45-7.30pm Inter Street Dance

7.30-8.15pm Inter Foundation Ballet & Pointe

Dorothy Hayes Hall

4.00-4.30pm Primary Tap

4.30-5.15pm Pre-Primary Tap & Primary Modern

5.15-5.45pm Grade 1 Tap

5.45-6.15pm Grade 3 Tap

6.15-6.45pm Grade 2 Tap

6.45-7.30pm Inter Foundation Ballet & Pointe


Venue:  Martin's Heron Community Centre

Heron Hall

4.00-4.45pm Private Lesson

4.45-5.15pm Ballet Free Work Grade 4,5 & 6

5.15-6.00pm Grade 5 Ballet

6.00-6.45pm Grade 6 Ballet

6.45-7.30pm Senior Commercial

7.30-8.00pm Grade 4 Tap

8.00-8.30pm Grade 5 Tap

Dorothy Hayes Hall

4.00-4.30pm Private Lesson


4.30-515pm Junior Street Dance

5.15-6.00pm Beginner Acro 4yrs+

6.00-6.45pm Private Lesson

6.45-7.30pm Private Lesson


Venue:  The Crossley Club, Lightwater

4.00-4.30pm Private Lesson

4.30-5.15pm Junior Jazz 4yrs+  NEW!!!!

5.15-6.00pm Grade 5 Modern

6.00-7.00pm Senior Acro

7.00-8.00pm Senior Jazz


Venue 1:  Lightwater CIU Club

8.30-9.00am Pre-school Ballet

9.00-9.45am Pre-primary Tap & Primary Modern

9.45-10.15am Pre-primary Ballet

10.15-10.45am Primary Ballet

10.45-11.30am Primary Tap & Grade 1 Modern

11.15-12pm Grade 1 Tap

Venue 2:  The Crossley Club, Lightwater

12.15-1.00pm Junior Acro

1.00-1.30pm Grade 1 Ballet

1.30-2.00pm Grade 2 Modern

2.00-2.30pm Grade 2 Tap

2.30-3.15pm Junior Troupe

3.15-4.00pm Private Lesson

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