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Pre School

Pre-school Ballet begins from 2yrs to 4yrs.  This is a fun class for children where music, movement, imagination and props are used teaching children the basic ballet technique and building confidence. 

 They then progress to a Pre-Primary Graded Ballet class when they go in to Reception year at school.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres which provides discipline and technique to students.  Ballet aims to build a child’s technical ability to develop their technique, musicality, grace, posture and a joy for dance. 


Graded Ballet classes begin from Pre-Primary where basic steps are learnt with use of imagery and mime.  As students progress through the Grades pupils gain a good foundation for the Classical Ballet technique.  Students can take Graded Exams from Pre-Primary level.

Pointe Work

Throughout the Grades students are encouraged  to develop and improve their strength to be able to continue to higher Grades and eventually the ability to go on to ‘Pointe’ if the teacher feels they are ready.  Pointe work begins at Grade 6 level.


Tap Dance develops musicality, rhythmicality and coordination throughout the Grades.  Tap Dance is a style of dance where a dancer wears fitted shoes with heel and toe taps to strike the floor creating rhythm with their feet. 

Tap Dance Classes start from 4yrs at Pre-Primary level.  ISTD Exams are offered from 5yrs old onwards.


Modern Dance class is often seen in Musical Production.  This style of dance uses high kicks, leaps and turns learning strength and flexibility throughout the Grades from Primary age 4yrs to Advance 2 level.  Modern Dance incorporates Lyrical, Jazz and Contemporary style within the Grades.


Contemporary Dance combines Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Classical Ballet.  Combining all these elements in to one style to connect the mind and body throughout the space in to a fluid movement.


 We follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.  Classes start from 4 years of age in a safe environment using Acro mats to train. Training students to improve Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. 

 Acro is developed with the input of Ballet, Modern and Jazz to enhance the students technique in this class.


Jazz class explores various dance styles Street Jazz, Commercial Jazz and Technical Jazz.  Learning fun routines to up to-date music while learning flexibility and co-ordination. 

This is a fun class for all students. Children can begin Jazz class from 4yr old.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines Singing, Dancing and Acting and starts from the age of 4yrs learning various Musicals from the West End and Broadway.  This Class improves students confidence using Drama games and singing to improve their skills to be able to express themselves on stage.

Competition Team
( Invitation only )

This class is an invitation only class where children are invited to compete in Competitions and Festivals.  Troupe is a 2 hr Group class working on technique and routines for competitions.  Students then have the opportunity to do solos, duets and trios by invitation.

Private Coaching

We offer Private coaching to all students to help improve student technique on a one to one basis.


Street Dance

Street Dance is an informal style of dance involving a variety of moves. Popular with young people, it takes inspiration from modern pop and hip hop music, incorporating moves such as hip hop, locking, popping, breaking and house.  This class is a fun style of dance where children can express themselves and learn fun routines.

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